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      Our services

      TOMAX Group has the special customer service department with over 30 service staffs, we establish every detailed customer files, and have skillful service engineers to solve customers’ problems and supply original spare parts at 7×24 hours every week.

      We insist “customer-focused”, we supply the high quality and efficient service at pre-sales, sales and after-sales. Any problems, please email us or call us. ?

      Pre-sale service:
      1. Learn customer’s demand and provide best solution with sutiable products.
      2. offer technical service to customer before installment.

      Sale service:
      1. Supervise the whole production process and shipment to make sure customer get our products in time and good condition.
      2. Offer all the necessary technical data to customer.

      After-sale service:
      1. Provide drawings and manuals for installment, operation and maintenance.
      2. If necessary, dispatch technicians to offer installment and debugging service.
      3. Provide free operation and maintenance training service.
      4. Provide free maintenance service if the products have quality problems within a year.
      5. Provide lifelong paid maintenance service, accessories and parts supply for the sold products.

      Spare Parts supply:
      In stock spare parts supply for quickly solving your problem and satisfing your requests.

      Value-added service:
      1. Overall process and zero distance technology tracking service for key projects.
      2. Carry out large maintenance business.
      3. Regular equipment checking service.
      4. Technology update.
      5. Provide professional periodic maintenance standards for customers.?



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