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      Mobile Concrete Batching Plant


      1. Portable mobile rmc ready mix concrete batching plant with 50m3/h capacity.

      2. Adopt advanced technology and are designed and manufactured as per International standards.

      3. It can produce any type of concrete to meet customer requests with different type mixers, like twin shaft mixer and planetary mixer.?

      4. Were widely used in construction projects, ready mix concrete production and concrete prefabrication factory.


      1. High production performance and high productivity.
      2. High stability from heavy duty design of whole plant frame.

      3. Long lifespan guaranteed by reliable components.

      4. Easy maintenance and low operating costs.?

      3. Specifications

      Capacity25 m3/h35 m3/h50 m3/h75 m3/h
      Compacted Concrete Volume0.5 m30.75 m31 m31.5 m3
      Mixer Power18.5 kW30 kW30 kW30 kW×2
      Max. Aggregate Size60/80mm (broken stone/pebble)
      Loading Type of Aggregate to the MixerConveying Belt
      Aggregate Silo Capacity4 m3×24 m3×25 m3 ×45 m3 ×4
      Aggregate Weighing Accuracy±2%±2%±2%±2%
      Cement Weighing Accuracy±1%±1%±1%±1%
      Water Weighing Accuracy±1%±1%±1%±1%
      Additive Weighing Accuracy±1%±1%±1%±1%
      Control SystemFull-automatic / Automatic
      Discharging Height3800 mm
      Total Power40 kW65 kW70 kW96 kW
      Total Weight (approximate)12 Tons15 Tons19 Tons20 Tons
      Overall Dimension (at work) (L×W×H)14500 × 4050 × 7600 mm14500 × 4050 × 7600 mm18850 × 4150 × 8079 mm20000 × 4200 × 8300 mm
      Cement ScrewΦ219 mm / Φ273 mm
      Cement Silo(optional)Welded Type/Bolted Type, 30 Tons – 500 Tons


      Twin-shaft concrete mixer
      1. Adopt Italy technology, which has high efficiency and good mixing quality,

      2. Liners?and mixing blades adopts high-rigidity and high tenacity wearable alloy steel, to prolong the working life.

      3. It can well mix dry concrete, semi-dry concrete, and plastic concrete etc in certain time.

      Aggregate batching machine

      1. It’s?automatic batching equipment,

      2. It adopts electric weighing, computer control, digital display, remote control.

      3. Has the advantages of accurate weighing, high precision batching, strong control performance and easy operated.

      Control system

      1. PC+PLC control system ensures the high simple and reliability, human-based intelligent control facilitates the continuously producing.

      2. Dynamic display panel to make the operator clearly knows the operation of each part.

      3. Abnormal operation and fault automatic detection, using text, sound, light, alarm, convenient maintenance and troubleshooting.

      4. The system can print the report at any time.

      Bolted type cement silo
      1. Provide great advantages especially in transportation. All bolted silos can be loaded in containers, which mean minimum transport cost.

      2. Easy to install and maintain.

      3. With dust filter, level indicator, fluidization pads, safety valve, butterfly valve, inlet tube, support legs, handrails and ladders.

      4. Seal rubbers between layers assure efficient working performance.

      5.?Capacity rang from 30t to 500t.


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