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      Concrete Mixer Truck

      1. Introduction
      The concrete mixer trucks mainly applies to long-distance mixing transport of ready mix concrete, effectively delay concrete coagulation, avoids concrete stratification and eduction, and ensure construction quality.
      The mixing drum body, helical blades, the feeding and discharge bucket chutes all adopt special wear resistant steel plate, the concrete mixer trucks also adopt blasting and baking finish to prevent rust, these features are all give the product rather long using life.
      It have features of smooth and reliable mixing, discharging efficiently, low surplus rate, easy operation and long using life.
      2. Advantages
      1. Durability for years of reliable performance
      2. High payloads and productivity
      3. Easy to clean and cost effective on maintenance.

      3. Specifications

      Mixing capacitym324681012
      Drum leaning angle°161616131212
      Drum rotation speedr/min0~90~90~90~140~140~14
      Concrete slump rangemm40~210
      Water tank capacityL300450
      Water supply type?Pneumatic
      Hydraulic pump brand?China famous brandPMP/Rexroth/Eaton/Sauer
      Hydraulic motor brand?China famous brandPMP/Rexroth/Eaton/Sauer
      Gear reducer brand?China famous brandBonfiglioli/PMP
      Chassis brand?SHACMAN, SINOTRUK, DONGFENG, FOTON, etc


      Box-cage mould

      1. Box-cage mould overall shape, to ensure that the flange, the segment drum and raceway coaxiality and roundabout,

      2. to ensure smooth operation of the vehicle.

      Mixing drum

      1. Drum, blades and head all use specialized wear-resistant manganese steel plate for long lifetime.

      2. Complete unit sand-blasting process, improve the strength 20%.

      3. The blade has unique wear-resisting protection structure, improving blade service life 80%.

      4. Anti-Rust undercoating and fine quality work paint finishing.

      Double helical blade

      1. Mixing blade adopt three-dimensional double helix mixing design, moderate density.

      2. Reducing remnant rate to 0.5%, better than international standard 2%, leading the industry standard 0.7%-1%.

      3. Feeding inlet and discharging outlet with reasonable design, faster feeding and discharging.

      Hydraulic pump, motor and gear reducer

      1. Use Italy brand, German brand, USA brand or China famous brand.

      2. Higher quality, low failure rate.

      3. Long lifetime.


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